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CHiP: The smart and lovable robot dog

CHiP is an intelligent, affectionate robot dog. With advanced sensors and smart accessories, CHiP is always aware, and ready to play. How you respond uniquely shapes his behavior, so there's no CHiP like your CHiP.

Although CHiP is geared toward children, it has quite a lot of artificial intelligence compared to an ordinary toy. Like a real pet, it’s able to react to human actions and responses, like hands clapping and touching (what WowWee calls GestureSense), voice recognition, and when it’s picked up. CHiP can also detect its immediate surroundings through infrared vision and beacon-based technology.


  • The super smart and super cute robot puppy!
  • CHiP features the next level of artificial intelligence
  • The intelligent and friendly dog which uses sensors and smart accessories
  • He’s always alert, happy and ready to play
  • CHiP uniquely shapes his personality to your behaviour
  • Train your pup to respond to voice commands
  • CHiP can sit, crouch down, shimmy, dance and make multiple noises
  • CHiP can recognise you and follow you through the Bluetooth SmartBand
  • Pair with your smartphone and CHiP follows instructions
  • Play fetch or football with CHiP’s SmartBall
  • CHiP returns to his SmartBed to recharge when he’s low on battery
  • Special wheel design facilitates omni-directional movement across different surfaces
  • Suitable for ages six and over
  • CHiP measures approx. 38cm x 30cm x 22cm

CHIP Robot Dog