Onagofly Smart Nano Drone

Last year's Zano nano drone never made it off the ground, so here's hoping Onagofly's 5-inch/125mm-square follow-me drone has better luck with liftoff. It's already had an Indiegogo campaign funded seven times over, and boasts really useful features like obstacle avoidance and live streaming, for $300 (£200 or AU$415).

Experience the art of flight without moving from the ground with ONAGOfly, the smart nano drone. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this drone is equipped with GPS so it will automatically follow you wherever you go. The built in high resolution camera will also capture amazing footage of your adventures each step of the way.

The four rotor blades of the ONAGOfly lifts the 140-gram drone off the ground with just a single button. Using incredible infrared technology, this quadcopter intelligently avoids objects and walls. The camera has 15 megapixels and 1080p with HD, 30 frames per second video.

You can see a live stream of what your drone is recording right on your smartphone and the media is automatically saved to your camera roll.


  • Afmeting: 125 x 125 x 46 mm
  • Gewicht: 140 gram
  • Camera: Sony 15 megapixels camera
  • Maximale resolutie video: 1080P @ 30FPS
  • Batterij: 1000 mAh
  • Vliegtijd: tot 15 minuten

ONAGOfly: slimme nano drone met ontwijksysteem

  • 98%
    Auto-follow - 98%
  • 89%
    Camera - 89%
  • 97%
    Besturing - 97%
  • 89%
    Accu en vliegtijd - 89%
  • 91%
    Prijs - 91%

Smart Nano Drone

Rather than creating a drone with complicated settings and controls, ONAGOfly believes in simple design coupled with ease of use to maximize the user experience. Our designs have been tested and proven. We’ve been working to perfect the technology and make sure it’s just right for you.

ONAGOfly is the world’s first smart nano drone that has GPS auto follow, high res 15 megapixel and 1080p HD video camera that captures you in all possible angles. Also, you can race and control the drone by using ONAGOfly app to satisfy your drone flying experience. You can pre-order ONAGOfly today for $199 USD. After pre-sales are over, ONAGOfly will be priced at $299 plus applicable taxes and shipping

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