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Smarter Coffee: WiFi Connected Compatible with iOS and Android

What is the Smarter Coffee Machine? The Smarter Coffee Machine is an eye-opening coffee machine. It’s a bean-to-cup machine that costs around half the price of most entry-level models of this kind. At £159-179, it has real bargain potential, and is also far smarter than some £1,000 coffee machines, because you can control it with your phone and even schedule a brew using its app. The idea is great, but this machine is more for tech-head than coffee fans as the taste of its brew just isn’t close to a proper espresso machine or rival bean-to-cup device.

Smarter Coffee

The Smarter Coffee machine, provides an even better way to start your day. Remotely brew your coffee from anywhere in the home, through the free Smarter mobile app.

Adjust the strength of your coffee as well as select how many cups you would like to brew. Welcome home mode and wake up mode allow you to brew a coffee at a time to suit you.

Smarter Coffee comes with all 3 colour changeable fronts in the box

Smarter Coffee grind and brew, is a revolutionary new coffee machine that gives you fresh coffee at the touch of a button, remotely anywhere in the home. Available in 3 colours, Black, Red or Beige the removable panels allow you to choose the colour to suit you. The new Smarter App available on iOS and Android has been intuitively designed to make it easy to control your Smarter Coffee machine remotely.

The smart control panel also allows you to use it as a normal coffee machine if your phone is not to hand. Connect the Smarter Coffee machine to your home wifi network and make your cup of Coffee from anywhere and at any time to suit you. Grind and brew fresh beans at any time, just pour in your chosen beans, select the coarseness of the grind and then start directly from your smartphone.

With enough water for 12 cups of coffee, you can select how many cups you want to make whether it is just for yourself or for the whole family. The built in water level sensor shows you exactly how much water is in your Smarter Coffee machine, so you know how many cups you can brew. Decide on the strength of your coffee and choose between weak, medium or strong directly on the App, to ensure you get the perfect coffee.


  • Intelligent Wi-Fi coffee machine
  • Literally wake up and smell the coffee
  • Wake me up and welcome home modes – always have a coffee ready
  • No more waiting for the kettle to boil
  • Brew a single cup or up to twelve
  • Freshly ground from bean to cup
  • Or use ore ground beans with the percolator
  • Made to order – select bean coarseness and coffee strength
  • Keep warm mode keeps coffee warm for up to 40 minutes
  • Connect multiple users
  • Send and receive requests
  • Set up a coffee schedule
  • Stylish design
  • Interchangeable skins
  • 1.5 litre capacity


  • Wireless 802.11b/gx
  • WPA/WPA2
  • Works on Android 4+ and Apple iOS7+
  • 3G/4G compatible
  • Requires a 2.4GHz > 5GHz router
  • Power: AC

Smarter Coffee review

  • 98%
    Remote operation actually works - 98%
  • 96%
    Can make a lot of coffee in one go - 96%
  • 99%
    Simple and mostly practical - 99%
  • 65%
    Flaky sensors - 65%
  • 62%
    Poor-quality coffee - 62%

Should I buy the Smarter Coffee Machine?

The Smarter Coffee Machine is way ahead of a lot of the coffee machine competition when it comes to smart integration. I’ve never used a maker this price with phone control, and to see it work reasonably well was nice.

It doesn’t fit into any existing smart home systems, but is sure to have turned a few heads in the industry already.

Unfortunately, it’s probably more useful in this respect than as a coffee machine many of you should seriously consider. Here’s the rub: a normal espresso machine will get you much better coffee. Even a well-researched coffee machine at a third of the price will get you much better coffee.

It sounds harsh, but the idea of spending £150-plus on a not-that-impressive drip filter machine turns this gadget coffee machine from what initially seems like a cracking deal into nothing of the sort.

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