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Prizm: intelligent music player

No more fighting over classical versus hip-hop. The Prizm connects to your speakers, scours devices in its proximity with playlists from major music-streaming services, and then finds (and remembers) what you like. By comparing the playlists it then identifies your taste and tries to come up with a happy medium. Tapping on the cross or the heart on the sides of the small pyramid does, well, exactly what you expect. It comes from a Kickstarter that achieved funding of more than 200 percent in October, and the first batch is scheduled to go to backers in early 2016.

French start-up Prizm designed a new kind of music player you can plug into any speakers or sound system and it intuitively plays the perfect music according to your music library and preferences or based on people in the room, their music tastes and and even the current atmosphere. “Prizm always knows what to play.”

The Prizm Kickstarter campaign raised $161,149 with 1208 backers in 45 days, then went onto win a CES Innovation Award early this year.

Prizm connects to your Spotify or Deezer Premium account to stream music. It also supports Soundcloud free accounts. This way, you can enjoy Prizm without any paid subscription !

This smart music player really is one of a kind, if you are alone, Prizm plays music for you. If your companion is alone, it plays music for him/her. And if you are together in the room, it merges both of your tastes and picks a song both of you will love.

Prizm reinvents the way we listen to music at home, and it can also start music as soon as it detects you in the room. “It’s a unique intelligence in the audio field. Nobody offers this today,” says Olivier

It also automatically detects people in the room via their smartphone and wearables (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), added to a sound level sensor. Not only does it identify who is in the room, it can also sense what is the current atmosphere (chilling with friends, working etc.) and analyzes the atmosphere taking into account the day, hour and sound volume. This is how Prizm is able to establish the difference between a romantic dinner and an evening with friends and chooses music to fit the situation.

“We believe that the listening experience is deeply linked to the context. We do not want to listen to the same music when we are doing housework for example or when we we have friends over than when we are alone or with our better half,”, explains Pierre Gochgarian, Prizm’s CEO.

Intelligent Music Player Prizm Awarded CES Innovation Award in Smart Home Category

  • 92%
    Design - 92%
  • 75%
    Application - 75%
  • 85%
    Fonctionnalités - 85%
  • 72%
    Performances - 72%
  • 89%
    Rapport qualité/prix - 89%

Prizm enhances your everyday life through music

Whether you are alone at home, with family, or partying with friends, Prizm adapts and predicts the music you’ll love. Prizm streams music directly from the Cloud so you don’t even need to use a phone or a computer. You can now discover and enjoy more music with a single hit of a button.

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