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Sevenhugs’ Smart Remote

A Remote Control for Everything The world’s first smart remote to control your smart home with just one touch. Compatible with Nest, Philips Hue, Sonos and more. Smart Remote is universal, simple, and completely customizable!

The Smart Remote by sevenhugs

Control all of your smart devices with the Smart Remote by sevenhugs. Instantly detecting and recognizing your proximity to your smart devices, the remote transforms the screen and UI for each one to give you total control. The Smart Remote works with many devices such as Philips Hue Lights, Nest thermostat, Sonos speakers, and more, with new smart devices constantly added.

Simply point it at the device to play music, heat your home, or even unlock your front door. The design is simple and ergonomic with smooth rounded edges, a silver backing, and an easy to use touchscreen on the front with black borders. Intuitive and customizable, the Smart Remote makes your intelligent home even smarter and more convenient.

A Remote Control for Everything

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Sevenhugs' Smart Remote

It’s hard enough corralling your out-of-control home theater: When you start tossing in everything electronic in your home, the number of controllers and interfaces multiplies awkwardly. The whimsically named Sevenhugs is working on an easily programmed but generically named Smart Remote to bring order to your smart-home chaos. It’ll cost less than $200 and is expected to enter preorder by March, but unfortunately won’t work (and probably never will) on children, parents, whiny cats or yappy dogs.

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