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ModiFace Mirror: lets you try on makeup virtually — without the mess

“The technology behind the mirror also makes use of a universal shade matching system that culls available products that have the same hue or shade as the object you hold up in front of the device’s camera,” Aarabi told the Daily Dot via email. “You can also search cosmetics by keyword, color, and brand—if you know what you’re looking for prior to your visit—and the ModiFace Mirror lets you virtually try the products on.”

Finding the right makeup to highlight your face is now a little bit easier and a whole lot cooler, thanks to augmented reality technology.

ModiFace, the company behind a myriad of virtual makeover apps, will soon release a makeup-simulation mirror that lets people virtually try on various makeup effects, techniques, products, and brands.


The ModiFace Mirror will be installed in select stores and beauty kiosks this summer. It scans your face, recommends personalized looks, and essentially gives you a live 3D preview of thousands of different makeup possibilities on your face.

The mirror will let you select from over 5,000 product samples—popular brands like Stila, Covergirl, and Inglot are being added to the system on a monthly basis—without having to actually apply cosmetics to your skin.

According to Parham Aarabi, CEO of ModiFace, the Mirror’s main goal is to allow consumers to optimize their cosmetic shopping experience in a fun and interactive way. The moment you step in front of the ModiFace Mirror, the simulator immediately launches its full interface, allowing you to personalize and explore all your look options.

Aarabi said the ModiFace Mirror would work with anyone, as it had been extensively tested on various face types and skin tones. However, the mirror’s recommendations are currently only based on your skin tone, hair color, face shape, and eye color. It’s only designed to suggest colors that best complement your face; it cannot decipher skin issues or blemishes and is not equipped to provide hypoallergenic solutions.

ModiFace will also release a $2,000 customizable retail version of the Mirror for hair salons, beauty brands, and retailers.

If you’d like to try the technology from the comfort of your own home, ModiFace’s Makeup app offers the same features as the Mirror. It can analyze a selfie or your live image. An Android release of the app is set to be released this summer.

This magic mirror uses augmented reality to let you try on new faces


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ModiFace Mirror

For some women, trying on makeup got old by the time we graduated high school. But you really can’t buy it without seeing it on your skin — unless you don’t mind wasting a lot of money. Modiface tackles this issue with a combination of software and a mirror, letting you overlay different options over your reflection. (The free ModiFace Live app for Android and iOS does something similar on your smartphone.) It won’t improve your taste, but it can compensate for horrible store lighting. The mirror isn’t an end-user product, but you’ll likely see it at retail.

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